Michele Cain, PA, Uncovers Potential in Unlikely Places

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If physician assistant Michele Cain tries to live by one rule, it’s this: always keep an open eye and an open heart. From overcoming personal adversity to helping patients through their own – she knows firsthand the importance of looking beyond the obvious and toward the possibilities.

“Being able to see the potential that’s right in front of you is so critical in life,” she says wholeheartedly. “It doesn’t matter what you’re facing or what you’re doing. There is purpose and possibility in all of it.”

Michele’s uncanny ability to spot the potential in people and in situations is one of the many qualities that serves her well as a family medicine provider with Associates in Family Medicine. And it’s a trait she’s picked up from personal experience.

Rocked by a series of hardships and trials early in life, Michele faced a season of overwhelming uncertainty and apparent impossibilities. Yet by focusing on the positive, she was able to overcome obstacles and pursue her passions. “There was definitely a time in my life when people told me I would amount to nothing,” she shares. “But I decided that I was somebody and I was going to make a difference.”

With tenacity and determination, Michele turned her difficult past into a meaningful future – for herself, her family, and her patients. After working for 17 years in biochemistry, she eventually followed her love of people and science into the world of health care. Today, in her role at AFM, Michele tunes in to patients’ unique stories and helps them reach goals that seem unreachable.

“Every pebble makes a huge ripple, I want to make the most of my life and give the people I love something special to hold onto.”

“As messy, adventurous, and chaotic as my life has been, every bit of it flows into how I relate to my patients,” she says with a smile. “It’s all given me a greater capacity to care for others.”

And while Michele’s keen eye for positivity, beauty, and purpose – even in the darkest, most unexpected places – is a perfect fit within her professional career, it also translates into yet another area of her life: art.

“They say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and there’s so much truth to that,” she says. “I love picking up abstract things and applying them into art, seeing something ugly or ordinary turn into something beautiful.”

From photography, paper media, and pencil art to ink, jewelry, and pottery, Michele has done it all. “It’s such a great way to express whatever I’m feeling at that moment,” she says. “It allows me the freedom to continually look at things differently and be a little whimsical – because sometimes life gets too darn serious,” she grins.

Whether she’s crafting a work of art or helping patients seek purpose in their health stories, Michele certainly has a knack for finding good and creating greatness. And it’s this legacy of seeing promise in the midst of pain that she hopes to pass on – to her patients, children, and grandchildren. “Every pebble makes a huge ripple,” she says. “I want to make the most of my life and give the people I love something special to hold onto.”

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