Care Team

At AFM, you have a whole team caring for you.

We strive to be your medical home

  • The “Medical Home” is a model that emphasizes improving and maintaining healthy lifestyles through evidence-based care.
  • Call us first when you have questions, concerns, or think you might need a specialist. A lot of times, your primary care provider (PCP) can manage your care, and if not, they can match you with the best specialist for you.
  • We communicate with other medical specialists you see in our community using a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system.
  • We’re here to work with you and provide the support you need, whether it’s through further education, care management, or self-management support.
  • If you feel you need immediate care, we encourage you to call your own AFM office – anytime (even after-hours). Doing so can help you avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. We have same-day appointments for acute needs, and multiple urgent care locations with extended and weekend hours, no appointment necessary. After-hours, we always have a physician on call for emergent clinical issues.

We practice patient-centered care

At AFM, we practice patient-centered care, and strive to provide our patients a medical home.

  • That means YOU are the most important person on your healthcare team.
  • We rely on you to provide a complete medical history and information about care you receive outside of our practice, and to participate in your health care.
  • Your primary care provider (PCP) actually gets to know you, your medical history, habits, and social factors that influence your health. This important information helps your provider make decisions that positively affect your well-being, and provides the home base for your medical care.

Learn more about our care team

The Associates in Family Medicine Care Team includes care coordinators and clinical pharmacists, who are on staff to:

  • Help you meet your healthcare goals, whether it’s in the office or through self-management support.
  • Provide education through resources or classes within our practice or community.
  • Review medication, making sure you understand what you’re taking and how it’s affecting your health.

Care Coordinator

Our care coordinators work with patients and their primary care provider by identifying challenges each individual may face on the journey to better health. AFM care coordinators strive to connect patients with the resources and education materials that will help them succeed.

Claire McArdle


Lemay Office

Erin Sullivan-Ortiz


Foxtrail Office

Becky Lindsey


West Office

Jennifer Leimbach


Horsetooth Office

Shannon Booker


Harmony Office

Shaunna Ostrom


South Office

Alicia Matheson


Timberline Office

Hallie Johannisson


Windsor Office

Janae Adams


West Office

Clinical Pharmacist

Our clinical pharmacists are an integral member of our care team. They help patients utilize medications and the medication system optimally. They also consistently work to find ways to improve the quality of care provided, and provide resources to help patients achieve their wellness goals.


Interested in joining an all-star care team in the foothills of the Rockies? Review a list of current openings.

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