Born for the Wild: Zach Devilbiss, DO Answers the Call for Adventure

Mar 28, 2019 | Provider, Staff Stories | 0 comments

With bucket-list items like hiking Machu Pichu and a backup career plan of being a fighter pilot, it’s not surprising that Dr. Zachary Devilbiss has an intrepid inclination for adventure. As an avid outdoorsman and full-scope family physician, he’s finding plenty of it in his new Northern Colorado home and medical practice at Associates in Family Medicine.

Like most things in his life, Zach’s initial journey to Fort Collins was, in and of itself, wholly reflective of his thrill-seeking philosophy – a mindset that recognizes opportunity, then takes the leap.

“My wife, Rose, finished her RN training, we got married, I finished my sports med fellowship, we sold everything, moved, and started new careers… all within six months,” Zach shares. “I didn’t even have a job when we first moved, and it was a little crazy, to say the least,” he laughs. “But we knew when we visited this area last June that this was the spot.”

Thanks to that fated first step into the unknown, Zach is now living the FoCo dream – treating a full spectrum of people from athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to newborns and elderly patients.

“That’s a big part of why I wanted to practice out here in Colorado,” he says. “So many people are active, and I really get to follow my passion for orthopedics and sports medicine. But I also get to take care of kiddos, moms and dads – the whole family.”

In his family medical practice at AFM, Zach has discovered an exhilarating sense of excitement – getting to connect with people personally and join in their individual health endeavors.

“When I was going through med school, I initially thought I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon,” Zach says. “But I found myself enjoying the office visits the most. I feel like I learn more from working with my patients than in any text book.” He grins. “Plus, they give me the lowdown on the best places to explore.”

When he’s not experiencing the thrill of keeping people active and healthy, Zach is following the tips of his local patients and answering the call of the great outdoors. “I do a little of everything,” he smiles. “Whether it’s hiking and biking or fishing, camping, and snowboarding, I’d always choose to be outside on any given day.”

Exploring new routes for adventure with Rose and his dog, Zach finds purpose and clarity that he can pass on to his patients. “The freedom of it all is what it really boils down to,” he shares. “People stress and worry about the little stuff. When you’re outside, camping, or cooking over a fire… you gain a bigger perspective and see how you really can stand on your own two feet.”

“After all,” he continues, “we were built to be outside and on the move – connecting with the world the way it was intended to be.”


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