E. Lloyd Blackler, MD

Dr. Blackler received his M.D. degree from the University of South Dakota where evidence-based medicine is emphasized. His passion for family medicine has taken him from Idaho and Qatar to New Zealand and Colorado.

Dr. Blackler is a big fan of hard work and strenuous activity as a lifestyle. Read about his unbending appreciation for the rigors – and the rewards – of hard work.

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Healthcare not sick care
Dr. Blackler has a passion for helping people take control of their health and optimize their performance with the goal of reaching maximum functional potential. This goes beyond understanding disease and treating illness. He enjoys helping people become as healthy as possible given their specific barriers and also their unique gifts.

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Move more and sit less.
“I agree with the phrase, ‘Sitting is the new smoking,’ given the number of ways a sedentary lifestyle can shorten life. Prolonged sitting leads to increased risk of death from any cause—especially from events associated with cardiovascular disease. More importantly, I believe too much sitting decreases our quality of life, given its contribution to low back pain, neck strain, brain fog, muscle degeneration, thinning of bones, worsening circulation, and tightening muscles, which can contribute to painful joints. For these reasons, my family and I sit as little as possible. The more we move, the better we feel, and it’s fun!”

Eats real food.
“I’ll admit, I fall victim to the modern-day availability of processed food; however, I do my best to follow the concept of eating things that my great-grandmother would recognize. For my patients, I prefer to avoid blanket statements about how to eat. Each individual has genetic factors, medical conditions, sensitivities, tolerances, and lifestyle habits that I use as a guide to help suggest specific eating patterns. Food is medicine, but it is also an enjoyable part of our lives that brings us together in community. I LOVE discussing food with friends, family, and my patients.”

Wakes with the sun and sleeps adequately at night.
“To be an alert, aware, lively person who is ready to take on the day, I prefer to wake with the sun. It’s better than drinking a cup of coffee. To help accomplish exposure to the sun as well as get some movement right from the get-go, I prefer to cycle to work. I try to limit or avoid screen-time (TV, cell phone, tablet, computer) 1 to 2 hours before bedtime approaches to decrease my exposure to artificial light at a time when my body needs dark to prepare itself for sleeping. This habit is only one of many relating to the concept of sleep hygiene, which I use to establish healthy sleep habits for myself and my family.”

And of course, spends time with family!

“I met my beautiful wife, Jenny, in 2001 at the Boulder Theater. We both finished school and reunited seven years later. We never looked back! After three years in Idaho, a four-year Air Force commitment in South Dakota, and six months in New Zealand, we have found our way back to her Colorado roots, along with Ritter and Reese, who blessed our lives in 2011 and 2013. They are a little laughing duo who continually amaze us with their creativity, use of language, and daring feats of bravery on couches and kitchen counters! On any given day, you might find us walking, biking to a coffee shop, or rocking out to Shakira with our kids in the kitchen.”

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Dr. Blackler provides comprehensive family medicine including:
• Integrated preventative medicine
• Family health
• Pediatrics
• Dermatology
• Gynecology and women’s health

In particular, he is especially interested in preventive medicine through lifestyle—and food!

“As our waistlines continue to grow in this country, it is more apparent than ever that food has the potential to be our best medicine or to be poison for our body and mind. I consider family physicians to be specialists in preventive medicine. There is an incredibly clear relationship between our lifestyles and the dramatic increase in the prevalence of chronic preventable disease we have experienced in the last 50-100 years. I believe we can reverse this cycle by getting back to eating real food. No fad diets, no gimmicks. Just putting real food in our bodies. If we are not talking about food during our visits, then I believe we are doing our patients a disservice. My patients will discuss food with me at most if not all visits.”

Dr. Blackler’s personal interests include the following:
• “Faith in Jesus Christ is the rock on which I stand. A foundation in Christ is what I believe allows me to see people through his non-judgmental, loving lens.”
• “Road cycling, mountain biking, skiing, fly fishing, and outdoor cross-fit are my sports of choice.”
• “In the culinary department, I enjoy cooking new paleo recipes with ingredients from my garden and a microbrew in hand.”
• “Some of my favorite stress-relief involves cutting firewood and working cows on the family ranch outside of Kremmling, Colorado.”
• “We love volunteering and supporting Young Life to connect with kids on their turf.”
• “We support children overseas through Children of the Nations.”
• “In Fort Collins, I hope to become involved with the Weston A. Price Foundation in addition to local farming organizations that promote eating local and organic. I would love to see local, organic, wholesome foods become more available and more affordable for everyone.”

Additional Services

• Musculoskeletal joint and trigger point injections
• Orthopedic casting
• Circumcisions
• Vasectomies
• Women’s health procedures including Paps, IUDs, endometrial biopsies, Nexplanon insertion and removal
• Dermatology procedures including biopsies, selected skin cancer surgery, and toenail procedures

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Additional Services

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