Hard Work Is Its Own Healthy Reward

May 11, 2016 | Staff Stories | 0 comments

You may have heard the expression, “Hard work is its own reward,” but few individuals have taken that phrase to heart as much as Dr. Lloyd Blackler.

Growing up in the Black Hills, Dr. Lloyd Blackler was introduced to the rigors—and the rewards—of hard work at an early age. Born in Fort Collins, his family moved when he was four years old to South Dakota, where his father was a successful and well-respected veterinarian. They purchased a 65-acre plot of land and commenced to building their home outside of Rapid City. Unlike most families with a house under construction, however, the Blacklers actually lived in their home while they were building it.

“The framing, electrical, and plumbing were handled by professionals,” reflects Blackler, “but the rest of it we built ourselves—from the foundation all the way up to the last shingle. Modern-day frontier living in action, I guess!”

Blackler’s work ethic and enterprising spirit were evident early on. As a teenager, he managed to start and run his own firewood business, even as he was going to school during the day and helping to build their house during the evening and on weekends. “The firewood business was partially for spending money, of course, but it was partly out of necessity. We needed to heat our home, too!”

Watching his father’s impact on the community as a veterinarian and seeing the satisfaction he derived from helping others inspired Blackler to pursue a career in medicine. “My dad definitely had a big influence on me,” reflects Blackler. “He would frequently let me observe different veterinary procedures and various surgeries. In fact, my first exposure to medicine was helping to deliver baby pigs.”

“I seem to connect best with folks who appreciate the satisfaction of vigorous activity. They have rigorous jobs, and they need optimal health to continue doing great work.”

Fortunately, his desire to practice medicine brought him to Denver to complete his ER rotation after finishing medical school at the University of South Dakota. It was there that he met his wife, Jenny, who was also pursuing a career in health care as a physician assistant. The two were married in 2009. After a three-year stint completing his residency in Idaho—followed by four years of service in the U.S. Air Force—the couple now makes their home in Northern Colorado with their son, Ritter, and their daughter, Reese. “I gave my word to her parents that I would bring her back to Colorado. It took a while,” Blackler says, “but we got here!”

Dr. Blackler provides comprehensive family medicine services for Associates in Family Medicine. He serves patients at our Timberline office with a focus on preventative medicine, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition. He says he enjoys helping all kinds of people but admits he seems to connect best with those who share his penchant for physical activity.

“I seem to connect best with folks who appreciate the satisfaction of vigorous activity,” states Blackler. “They have rigorous jobs, and they need optimal health to continue doing great work.”

Growing up in the rugged territory of the Black Hills wasn’t easy, but Blackler says he wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world. “That kind of lifestyle definitely shaped me and made me who I am today. I love the outdoors and remain a big fan of hard work and strenuous activity as a lifestyle. Being in the woods has a therapeutic quality to it that you can’t explain. After a long day of cutting and clearing trees, with the snow beginning to fall as you finish up stacking the last logs and seeing the fruits of your labor…nothing is more peaceful.”

“Plus,” he smirks, “you get to make big bonfires, which is always fun.”

He is currently accepting new patients at our Timberline office in Fort Collins


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