Be Heard in Your Health

May 29, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Empowerment in your health is important, and engaging in meaningful conversations about it is a valuable way to voice your thoughts and gain insight into the healthcare community.

This is why we created our Patient and Family Advisory Council. This integrative group is comprised of patients, AFM physicians, administrative staff and clinical staff. The council offers the opportunity for our patients to openly discuss what we’re doing well, suggest improvements and ask questions of us.

“By focusing on patient-centered ideas in an open dialogue setting, we’re able to provide a place for patients to be heard and improve our quality of care collaboratively,” said Shaunna Ostrom, a licensed clinical social worker at AFM and a facilitator of the council.

We have implemented quite a few enhancements to our clinics and operations that stem from the conversations had at the PFAC meetings. A few examples include more detailed provider biographies on our website, opening provider schedules out 13 months in advance for better access for scheduling, altered medication refill protocols and focused education on the online patient portal.

“This council is even more proof that AFM really does care about how we [patients] feel and are treated.”

Patient members on the council have also grown their knowledge and understanding about AFM and healthcare in general.

“I’ve learned about insurance, form requirements and compliance matters. I truly enjoy the opportunity to suggest alternative methods to achieving a goal and if that’s not feasible, I learn even more about why things can (and can’t be) done certain ways,” said Bob C., a Patient and Family Advisory Council participant.

“Being on the council, it’s been so neat to learn what AFM is doing to improve patient care and make it more seamless,” said Martha F, a participant of the Patient and Family Advisory Council. “This council is even more proof that AFM really does care about how we [patients] feel and are treated.”

Interested in participating?

We are always looking for new members to join the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Learn more about the council here.