Head Chef, Domenic’s Bistro & Wine Bar

Chef Graham stumbled upon cooking when he was a young man. A friend in the industry asked him to help out at his restaurant. Even though he was not getting paid for his time, Graham was just happy to hang around with his friend in a fast-paced, crazy new environment—the likes of which he had never experienced.

His time spent washing dishes was short-lived. He was quickly offered a cooking position, which he excitedly accepted. In just two short years, Chef Graham had progressed to the position of sous chef. It was during this time that he decided to go to a culinary school. Graham received his associate’s degree in culinary arts from the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, while continuing to work and learn at the restaurant where it all started.

That was eight years ago.

Chef Graham says his influence for the dishes he makes comes straight from the ingredients. He prefers to do as little to the ingredients as possible, keeping their true flavor and simply arranging them with others to create something truly special. With every dish, his primary goal is to let the food speak for itself.

Outside of work he enjoys rock climbing, playing golf, hiking, riding motorcycles, and brewing beer. When Graham needs a healthy snack, his first choice is grilled vegetables of any sort. Olive oil and salt are all they need to hit the spot!

“One of my favorite parts about cooking is how mentally and physically challenging it is,” Graham says. “Most people don’t appreciate that about being a chef. But most of all, I value the connections and friendships that I have made.”

Domenic’s Bistro & Wine Bar