Living with a Chronic Illness

Sep 25, 2017 | Healthy Living | 0 comments

Living with a chronic condition can have a substantial impact on your day-to-day emotions and overall mental health. It’s important to obtain the resources and support necessary to continue to live well even while having a chronic disease. You may find that you have limited energy, but taking care of your physical and emotional self is essential. See below for helpful tips and resources in our community:

Helpful Tips

Become your own self-advocate by:

  • Knowing your disease
  • Gaining knowledge by continuing to ask questions at every appointment to better understand your condition

Your attitude can impact your health. Try to:

  • Have a positive approach and attitude toward your situation
  • Practice acceptance of your condition

Use preventative measures to take care of your body

  • Eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise can help boost mood, improve mobility and ease symptoms.
  • Exercise and/or stretching
  • Try Tai chi or yoga

Maintain your support system

  • Manage your emotions and relationships
  • Create and build your support system


University of Colorado Health

Living Well with Chronic Conditions classes • 970-495-7335

Answers on Aging – resource book

Ask your primary care provider or care coordinator for a copy

Fort Collins – Senior Center

1200 Raintree Drive • 970-221-6644