5 Ways to Choose a Primary Care Provider That Is Right for You

Jun 23, 2020 | Featured, Healthy Living, In The Community, News | 0 comments

At Associates in Medicine, we believe that preventative medicine is key to a long and fulfilling life. This can be achieved by picking the right primary care provider (PCP) for you. Your primary care provider should be more than just your provider. They should be one of the people that know you the most in your life. Over time, your provider will learn your medical history, your lifestyle, how you react to different treatments and medications, your personality, and how you prefer your treatment plans. Having a working relationship with your provider also allows you to have more of a voice in your plan of care. This relationship can lead to better health outcomes in the future and a positive health care experience.

1. Do your research

With over 70 providers, there are many options to choose from at AFM when picking your next PCP. There can be so many questions to make sure you are choosing the right provider so we have profiles for every single provider at AFM! You can also read about some of the provider’s favorite hobbies and past time activities. Check them out

You could also check with your insurance company to see if they have any guidance for you. AFM is a practice of choice for many insurance companies.

2. Map it out

While most patients will only see their PCP for their annual preventative exam, you should make sure their office is centrally located. This can be closer to your home, your work, or somewhere in-between. AFM has 9 locations across Northern Colorado in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. Three of our offices, Horsetooth, Windsor, and CSU, also house Urgent Care clinics. These are a great way to access the quality care you normally receive with AFM but without an appointment and after hours. See which location is best for you.

3. Make sure you’re covered

Insurance can be tricky. To better serve the community consistently and conveniently, AFM accepts most major insurance and managed care plans offered locally. If you have any questions or doubts, it is best to call your insurance plan provider, as they can walk you through what you have covered and what you do not.

4. Remember your needs

Every patient has different needs and accommodations that will change as you age. It is important that your provider has the ability to or excels in specializing in your needs, whether that be pediatric care, diabetes care, sports medicine, obstetrical care, or other care needs.

You will also want to make sure that they align with your philosophy, personality, and culture.

Consider asking these questions when you are with your provider for the first time:

  • “Why did you decide to go into family medicine?”
  • “What is your favorite thing about being a Medical Provider”
  • “What is your specialty/What are you passionate about in medicine?”
  • “What do you wish more patients would do after they see you?”
  • “What kind of care do you prefer to prescribe?” (medicine, diet, exercise, mixed, etc.)

Consider asking yourself these questions after your first appointment with your provider:

  • “Do you feel at ease with this provider?”
  • “Did they answer all of your questions?”
  • “Did you understand how they were explaining things?”

5) Come say hi!

You can call the office where your perspective provider practices and get a tour of the clinic and potentially meet your provider. This is a great way to see if you feel comfortable, if it is in the right location for you, if you like the staff and more.