Kierann Toth, MD

With an eye for adventure and a mind for knowledge, Kierann Toth is always looking for ways to provide the best patient care. She will do the research and coordination for any unexplained issues and will not rest until there is an answer or the problem has resolved. Kierann is a down-to-earth provider that will treat you like her family.

See what triathlon training has taught Kierann about balance and time – and how she passes these lessons on to patients.

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Kierann grew up in small-town North Dakota with big dreams to become a doctor, following in the footsteps of her grandfather who was the town’s family doctor. Eager to learn and explore, Kierann attended Harvard where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology & Neurobiology. She moved across the country to San Francisco where she worked doing molecular biology research before attending Stanford Medical School. Kierann kept busy while at Stanford. She has had both her tissue engineering research and sports medicine research published. She also met her now-husband while he was an active duty army officer. They moved to New York where she completed her residency at the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency program.

While at Harvard, Kierann received a citation in Spanish, allowing her to be comfortable conversing in Spanish.

Kierann has been practicing medicine since 2011.

“Medicine is both an art and a science which is part of what makes it challenging but also rewarding.”

Kierann wholeheartedly believes in science and bases her recommendations on the best available scientific data. She recognizes that this can change and the best path won’t always be the clearest. Kierann also has the patient’s best interest in mind. She always treats her patients the way she would want her family to be treated, and the way her grandfather treated the families in her small town growing up.

“I want to be there for my patients and I truly care about their health and helping them accomplish life goals. I strive to communicate in the best way for my patients which is sometimes different depending on that person’s style.”

Kierann likes to move to stay healthy. She has been competitively running since high school. she ran track at Harvard and was on the collegiate triathlon team at Stanford. She still trains and runs in distance running races and triathlons because she loves the health competition.

Running is a hobby of Kierann’s now but she was also a competitive figure skater and gold medalist in both Moves in the Field and Freeskating!

Physical health isn’t everything for Kierann. She does yoga a few times a week to keep her mental health sharp and prepares her and her family’s food made from whole ingredients to take care of her body and recovery.

Kierann’s curious nature has led her to focus on many aspects of health and medicine. She has interests, and experience, in sports medicine, women’s health, pediatric and newborn care, breastfeeding, preventative medicine, food, and lifestyle medicine and the role of complementary methods like acupuncture. As a mother to two premature babies, she is particularly passionate about providing good pediatric care for ex-premies and helping with non-obstetric portions of a patient’s care during pregnancy and post-partum.

Outside of the clinic, Kierann enjoys spending time with her family in active and creative ways. She enjoys being outdoors and camping, reading a good book, and playing the piano. She also enjoys living a healthy lifestyle by growing her food!

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