Brianna Anthony, DO

Brianna Anthony, DO, will not only be your primary care provider but your confidant, friend, and support system. She feels it is her job to support her patients in each of their own health journeys.

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Dr. Anthony was raised in Boulder but returned to the East coast to attend Clark University in Worcester, MA where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology. Dr. Anthony’s heart was yearning for Colorado so she returned to attend the Rocky Vista University of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, where she also had extended training in hands-on Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. Dr. Anthony completed her residency at the Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency at Poudre Vally Hospital.

Dr. Anthony has been practicing medicine since 2019.

Dr. Anthony looks at the whole picture when caring for her patients. She tries to connect symptoms, looking for underlying problems that may have been missed when looking at just one symptom.

“Instead of considering each symptom as an individual problem, I have learned to take a step back and look at my patient as a complete person, never only a diagnosis, disease, or disability.”

Dr. Anthony’s goal in medicine is to not only provide care when a patient is in need but to help lead her patients to better overall health.

“Medications and surgery are important but promoting the body’s natural ability to heal through a healthy lifestyle, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, and a positive self-image is equally as important.”

Wellness consists of many pieces.  Dr. Anthony stays active by biking, hiking, and kayaking but she also participates in these activities to help boost her endorphins. She believes that getting out into nature always helps to put her life and worries into perspective while also getting fresh air. Mental health is equally important for Dr. Anthony. She takes time for herself and reaches out to her support community as needed.

Professional Interests:
Dr. Anthony feels that easy access to quality care is for everyone. It is why she is interested in many aspects of medicine. Dr. Anthony is passionate about sports medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, adolescent care, and LGBTQ care. It is her many interests that make her perfectly suited for Family Medicine.

Personal Interests:
To keep her mind strong and her social connections stronger, Dr. Anthony likes to partake in outdoor adventures, traveling, concerts and theater, listening to podcasts, and reading.

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