Whole Health Initiative 

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Associates in Family Medicine (AFM) has always made it a point to treat the whole person—body and mind. We’ve never been fans of slapping a Band-Aid on the problem and hoping for the best. Instead, our team is deeply committed to care that addresses not only physical concerns, but also the emotional, mental, and social needs that make up a patient’s overall well-being.

Now, as the only primary care practice in Northern Colorado chosen to be part of a unique federal funding program, we’re excited to build upon what we’ve been doing all along—delivering personalized care and a wider breadth of services that address every aspect of patient health.

Through our Whole Health initiative, we’re offering expanded resources and services to help our patients go boldly in the direction of better, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Becky Lindsey, Patient Care Coordinator at AFM, describes it perfectly: “This initiative acknowledges the importance of whole-patient care,” she says. “Our team has always recognized that you can’t just focus on one piece of a person and expect to take good care of them. That’s why we’re making it a priority to train everybody in our organization—from the person who greets you at the door to your doctor—on guiding patients toward total health and wellness.”

AFM has already enacted behind-the-scenes efforts that will serve as the foundation of our full-fledged Whole Health initiative. Our team is working hard to beef up existing services, provide then-and-there connections to the right resources, and empower patients on their health journeys.

Better care at no additional cost

For our current and future patients at AFM, this initiative means improved access to quality care—all at no added costs to them. And as part of our Whole Health effort, our patients can benefit from extended services and opportunities in a multitude of areas:

  • Additional Care Coordinators who manage patient care among multiple providers and connect patients to community resources.
  • A dedicated team to visit nursing home and assisted-living patients, coordinating their physical care and evaluating their emotional needs.
  • Staff pharmacists who manage patient medications and provide convenient onsite consultations.
  • One-on-one care education that helps patients take control of their health, with tips and training on how to manage their care and make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Diabetes management classes and support to track patient progress, provide education, and prevent future issues.
  • A patient advisory council that gives patients a voice in how care is delivered.
  • An enhanced focus on behavioral health, with counseling and support for emotional needs and instant connections to community resources.

With our commitment to exceptional, patient-centered care, AFM can’t wait to keep touching lives in the community we love through these expanded services and resources. So get ready, NoCo! Join in on this wholehearted approach to whole-patient care!

Talk to your nurse or doctor to learn more.