The Shingrix Vaccine: What You Need To Know

Jul 31, 2018 | News | 0 comments

What is Shingrix?

Shingrix is a vaccine that offers strong protection against Shingles and postherpetic neuralgia. It is a two shot series, with the second shot advised 2-6 months after the first. It is recommended for adults over the age of 50. Two doses are necessary regardless of prior history of shingles or vaccination with Zostavax (the previously recommended Shingles vaccine). The vaccine series does NOT need to be restarted if more than 6 months have elapsed since the first dose.

Shingrix Nationwide Shortage

Due to the high levels of demand for the Shingrix vaccine, there have been order limits implemented and providers and pharmacies are experiencing shipping delays. It is anticipated these order limits and shipping delays will continue throughout 2018. Due to this nationwide shortage, the Shingrix shipments that providers do receive are unpredictable and small.

AFM Patients Desiring Shingrix

We have substantial vaccine on back order; however we are unfortunately unaware of the shipment or delivery date of our orders. Please see below for Shingrix availbility in our offices:

Currently, we do not have Shingrix available to administer at any of our locations. Please check back periodically for updated information on our Shingrix stock.