A Dose of Nature—Just What Dr. Shelley Moore Ordered

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According to Dr. Shelley Moore, there are two vitamins most critical to physical and mental wellbeing: vitamin C (for community) and vitamin N (for nature). And as someone who has spent most of her life in large cities until now, Shelley is taking every opportunity to soak up plenty of both in her relatively new Northern Colorado surroundings.

Since joining Associates in Family Medicine’s urgent care team two years ago and making Fort Collins her home, Shelley has enjoyed the tangible sense of community she experiences with her patients, colleagues, family, and friends on a daily basis. Yet to be an active, joyful, committed contributor to the community she has come to know and love, she turns to the soul-stirring, rejuvenating power of nature.

“For me, it’s always been important to be healthy and balanced,” Shelley says. “When I maintain a connection with nature, every area of my life flows better—from work and relationships to the way I handle stress.” She smiles at the thought. “Everybody has their thing that fills them up, and nature is definitely mine.”

As a doctor, Shelley has consistently strived for overall health and wellness in her own life. But it was the larger need for fullness and revitalization that drew Shelley and her family from Austin, Texas to Northern Colorado. When 10 years of working in emergency medicine started to take their toll, Shelley realized it was a time for a change. “The things that I originally liked about emergency medicine—the fast pace and unconventional lifestyle—were really beginning to drain me,” she shares. “I didn’t have much energy left when I got home to my family, and I knew we needed something different.”

“The mountains and the outdoors truly fill my soul. Being outside in nature is steadying for me, and it helps prepare me to do the job that I love.”

In the search for the well-rounded lifestyle their family needed, Shelley and her husband let their love of the outdoors be their guide. “We had been to Colorado for vacations, and every time, I would come back invigorated by nature and the mountains,” she explains. “So, I decided to Google jobs in Colorado, and I came across the urgent care position with AFM.”

The rest, as they say, was history. Shelley, her husband, and their three children have spent the last two years enjoying all that the great Colorado outdoors have to offer—from trail running and hiking to snowboarding and camping. And with these constant “fill-ups” from the nature all around her, she can approach her life and her work with energy and passion.

“The mountains and the outdoors truly fill my soul,” she says fervently. “Being outside in nature is steadying for me, and it helps prepare me to do the job that I love.”

In her urgent care practice with AFM, Shelley brings the steadiness and calm that she gets from nature into a work place that’s often filled with changes and challenges—helping people on their individual paths to healing and wellness. And by prioritizing complete mind-body health in her own life, she can guide her patients to do the same. “As a physician, you are an example for your patients,” she says. “If you don’t walk the walk, you can’t talk the talk.” Shelley continues, “Yes, I treat acute injuries and illnesses in my work in urgent care, but I also get a lot of patients asking how to stay healthy, and helping them accomplish that is a real passion of mine.”

Throughout her medical career, this dedication to helping patients find and sustain good health has not wavered. And while she couldn’t have foreseen where her journey in medicine would take her—from the hustle and bustle of emergency care and city life to the balance and beauty of life and work in Northern Colorado—it’s safe to say that she’s found her “natural” habitat at AFM.

Dr. Moore sees patients at our Urgent Care/Horsetooth office in Fort Collins


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