Seizing Healthy Opportunities with Kierann Toth, MD

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How Kierann Toth, MD inspires others to make the most of every minute


Doctor, wife, mother, and triathlete. These are the many roles that describe Kierann Toth, MD. Yet balancing everything she loves about life comes down to one simple idea: being intentional with her time. “You have to look for every window and see every opportunity,” she says. It’s a lesson that Kierann has taken from triathlon training, and one that she now applies across all facets of life – from family and fitness to her work at Associates in Family Medicine.

“In triathlon, many races come down to the wire,” Kierann explains. “If you can transition quickly from swimming to biking or biking to running, you can save valuable seconds that make the difference in your finish.”

As busy parents to three kids, Kierann and her husband Jason apply this same “quick transition” mentality to each day – helping fill their time with what fills them. “At this stage of our lives, we need to have quick transitions to be able to exercise, eat healthy, and still prioritize family and work,” she says.

 Sometimes that means setting clothes out at night for an early morning run or squeezing in a quick exercise routine at lunch. “We also incorporate cycling workouts into taking the kids to school with our utility bike, which lets all three of them sit on the back!” She laughs. “It’s all about planning ahead.”

“Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and don’t compare yourself to those around you. Everyone has different challenges. It’s you against the clock.”

And by maximizing these moments in her personal life, Kierann can commit more time and energy to yet another passion: her patients. “I love whole family care and having multiple generations of the same family,” she says. “Relationships and trust among families are very important to me, and I strive to be the kind of doctor I want my family to have.” 

Working with patients through all aspects and stages of life, Kierann helps them see possibilities and make decisions that matter with their time – whether it’s tackling a triathlon or walking 10 minutes. “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and don’t compare yourself to those around you, “ she says. “Everyone has different challenges. It’s you against the clock.”

While most of us won’t be competing in a triathlon anytime soon, doing our best with the time we’re given is a philosophy we would all do good to live by. And it’s this mindset that keeps Kierann excited for every new opportunity – with her family, her health, and her patients. 

“I’ve always had an exuberance for life, and I feel an obligation to spread that,” she smiles. “Just one positive step – no matter how small – can lead to an upward spiral. It’s about taking what you can control and doing as much positive as you can.”

Kierann is accepting new patients at our Harmony office.
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