Stacie Johns, MD

Dr. Stacie Johns understands that every body is different and sees her patients as unique individuals on their own personal journey. She works to meet every patient where they are in their health journey and to never judge them for their actions or their beliefs.

Dr. Johns’  passion for helping others follows her (quite literally) through her daily comings and goings. Read about friendly, four-legged friends that are never far from her side as she raises and trains guide dogs for the blind.

Dr. Johns is currently only providing care for established patients and new Transgender patients. Click here to find the provider best for you.

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Dr. Johns earned her undergraduate degree in German Literature at Wake Forest University in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina. She then lived overseas in London for a year, and went on to attend Optometry school. After less than a year, she realized it was not the path for her, and it was then that she decided to study medicine. Dr. Johns attended medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has been practicing for over ten years now.

“I’ve lived overseas in a number of different countries during my studies, and I think those experiences have added to my learning of life, as well.” -Dr. Johns

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Dr. Johns believes in:

Understanding complexities
She understands that people are complex beings, and therefore, their health is complex. She focuses on her patients as a whole, taking into consideration not only their physical health, but also her patients’ current surroundings and events that have occurred in their life that may influence other factors.

She values working together with her patients to help them obtain the health goals that are important to them, and providing them with the knowledge to make the best decision for their health.

“I believe that the doctor patient relationship should be one of mutual respect where I see myself in the role of an adviser rather than the ultimate authority on their health. I come from a family of educators, and I enjoy teaching about diseases and conditions as well as prevention. When we understand our bodies, we have an easier time caring for them.” -Dr. Johns  

Exploring new ways of thinking
Dr. Johns is open to many modalities of care.

“I do not feel that western medicine has all of the answers.  I studied acupuncture in China and believe that there are many complimentary modalities to western medicine.” -Dr. Johns

A safe, judgment free environment
She feels it is of the utmost importance to practice medicine without passing judgment.

“An encounter with your physician should feel entirely safe and comfortable.” -Dr. Johns

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Physical Health
Eating right, exercise and yoga helps Dr. Johns stay in balance.

“I exercise as often as I can, and I also try to eat healthy and keep my sweet tooth in check. I also try and meditate every morning and do at least 10-15 minutes of yoga twice a day.” -Dr. Johns

Mental Health
She believes mental health is just as important as physical health, and she works to maintain a positive attitude every day.  She also tries to travel to different cultures at least once a year.

“There is something about strapping on a backpack and heading off into an unfamiliar country that clears my head of all worries. If I can’t get to a far away land, then I will often push myself to climb to a mountain top where I can sit and feel small and be thankful for what I have and can do.” -Dr. Johns 

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Dr. Johns considers herself very eclectic and has interests in many different areas.

She loves caring for families and watching children grow into adults. She also has a special interest in women’s health, has done extensive training in headache medicine, and performs extensive dermatology and gynecology procedures.

“I also do a fairly extensive amount of transgender care and enjoy this growing field of medicine immensely.” -Dr. Johns

Dr. Johns has a passion for raising Guide Dogs for the Blind. She has raised over ten dogs for the Guide Dogs for the Blind organization out of California.

“I have trained and raised puppies for so long that it feels strange to be out around town without a puppy by my side. The puppies also accompany me to work and are a great reward to kids (and adults) after receiving shots or whenever they need a pick me up!” -Dr. Johns

She is also working towards earning her black belt in Taekwondo with her two young boys. She enjoys skiing and hiking, as well as baking and digital scrapbooking.

“I also love photography, travel and scuba diving. When things work out perfectly I like to combine all of these activities together… See what I mean about eclectic? :)” -Dr. Johns

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