Holly Wheeling, MD

Dr. Holly Wheeling joined the AFM Urgent Care team in 2018. She worked in Emergency Medicine for almost 20 years beforehand. She strives to create meaningful interactions with her patients.

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Dr. Wheeling attended the University of Virginia where she completed her Pre Med and degree, and also majored in English. She obtained her medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia, and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Albany Medical Center.

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Dr. WHeeling truly enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. Some of her favorite moments are the times where she is able to sit and learn about my patients and hear their stories.

“The most important thing for my patients to know is that I will always do my best to try to find out what is wrong and help them to get better in whatever way I can.” -Dr. Holly Wheeling

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Dr. Wheeling’s family is an active bunch!

“We love being outdoors and in the mountains. My husband and I like to hike and bike and are always on-the-go, trying to keep up with 4 busy kids. Our kids enjoy running (a lot!) and biking as well.” -Dr. Holly Wheeling

She also enjoys eating locally grown food and tries to eat healthy as much as possible.

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Dr. Wheeling’s passions lie with emergency medicine and acute care services.

Dr. Wheeling is a mom of four kids (2 boys and 2 girls), and her family has 3 dogs and a cat! She likes hiking, travelling and exploring the mountains.

“Our kids are quite active too, so I spend a lot of time at running events, soccer games and tennis matches!” -Dr. Holly Wheeling

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Horsetooth Urgent Care

3519 Richmond Dr., Fort Collins, 80526, CO (MAP)

phone: (970) 449-0951

fax: (970) 226-9041

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Windsor Urgent Care, CSU Urgent Care

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