Patient and Family Advisory Council

Associates in Family Medicine / Patient and Family Advisory Council

AFM has created a Patient and Family Advisory Council that meets quarterly throughout the year. We have found that the council is a wonderful way to create open communication with our patients and families, in an effort to work together as a team to improve the quality of care you receive at AFM.

You speak, we listen

Some of the changes we’ve made to improve our practice based on input from the council include:

  • Added a “manned” call center
  • Added a same-day acute care clinic
  • Improved and streamlined new patient orientation materials and processes
  • Hired scribes to reduce providers’ computer time while with patients
  • Implementing group visits
  • Making ongoing website improvements

Thanks to the council, AFM has identified several growth opportunities that we’re striving to improve, including our phone system and advancing the online portal access.

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