From Pages to Patients, Physician Assistant Amy Patrick Loves a Good Story

Nov 9, 2017 | Staff Stories

Amy Patrick has no shortage of activity in her life. From treating patients to hiking, skiing, and backcountry camping, this busy physician assistant, wife, and mother of two teen boys is almost always on the move. But when it comes to slowing down, finding calm, and filling up in the middle of her fun yet fast-paced life, a good book is the best medicine.

“Reading is the perfect way for me to relax and enjoy something completely different from my day-to-day routine and rhythm,” she says with a smile. “When I’m at work and doing things with my family, I’m typically going, going, going. But with a book in hand, I can truly relax, unwind, and enjoy the quiet.”

Amy’s love of books was imprinted on the pages of her mind from an early age. “I grew up surrounded by books,” she explains. “My dad collected works on American art, and at one time we had 11,820 books in our house!” And while this early chapter of her life certainly prompted an appreciation for literature, Amy’s true passion for reading didn’t fully surface until after graduate school.

“After I finished school, I actually had time to read for once,” Amy says with excitement. “It was a wonderful luxury I didn’t have before.” With her sense of newfound freedom, Amy joined various book clubs and eventually discovered her niche. “My favorite genre is definitely historic fiction,” she says. “I love learning about history with a compelling story woven into it.”

“I’ve always loved science, and I have a real drive to constantly learn, but I’m also so grateful to be able to make a difference in how people live and feel on a regular basis.”

For Amy, it’s this commitment to continual learning (plus the love of a good story) that forms the common ground between her personal interests and her professional pursuits. As a seasoned physician assistant in the Northern Colorado community and a valuable part of the Associates in Family Medicine team, she enjoys staying up to speed in an ever-changing field and being an integral part of patients’ unique health stories.

“I’ve always loved science, and I have a real drive to constantly learn,” she says. “But I’m also so grateful to be able to make a difference in how people live and feel on a regular basis.” By connecting personally with patients (oftentimes over a new book) and guiding them toward the resources and tools they need to be their best, Amy helps people turn the page on health hindrances and experience the benefits of fuller living.

“Because I’ve practiced medicine in Northern Colorado for so long, I’ve had the pleasure of really getting to know a lot of my patients on a personal level,” shares Amy. “And that’s always my goal.”

With her ongoing devotion to learning and her desire to support patients throughout their various chapters of health, Amy feels she is able to live out a meaningful story of her own. “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she says fervently. “I’m definitely where I am meant to be.”

Amy is accepting new patients at our Foxtrail office in Loveland.


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