Matt Harris, PA Talks the Sweat and Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

Jan 9, 2020 | Provider, Staff Stories

What does hard work have to do with better health? Hear from Matt on the healthy rewards of undaunted dedication.


They say hard workers are often marked by a “can-do” attitude. But for (Physician Assistant) Matt Harris, it’s more of a “need-to-do” attitude that drives his undeterred work ethic – through everything from the extraordinary to the mundane.

“There are needs that need met,” Matt says matter-of-factly. “So let’s meet them.” This tendency to jump in and do the jobs that need to be done is a driving force behind Matt’s personal and professional life. Whether it’s changing his oil in the garage or helping patients reach life-changing milestones, he embraces the challenges to achieve the end goal.

“Hard work doesn’t bother me,” Matt says. “I grew up on a farm in Indiana, and my brothers and I got used to stacking sod all day – from sun up to sun down. I’ve actually stacked sod at 2:00 a.m. before,” he laughs.

Now, as a PA with Associates in Family Medicine, Matt adopts the same dogged determination as he did during his days on the farm, but with far greater rewards. “There’s a huge sense of satisfaction in helping patients live healthier,” he says. “When you get a patient who is willing to make big changes for the good of their health, that’s really rewarding.”

Drawn to the medical field from an early age, Matt sees his role in family medicine as an opportunity to tackle the needs within the Northern Colorado community. “I care about our society, and I try to play an active part in creating a good one,” says Matt.

A big part of the job Matt takes so seriously is educating his patients – showing them how to stop putting “Band-Aids” on chronic health issues and helping them make the lifestyle changes they need to live fully. Matt emphasizes that patients play an active role in reversing, improving or resolving their chronic disease.

“Prescribing medications is pretty easy and sometimes necessary, but I’d rather show people what they can do for themselves.”

Matt continues, “Nutrition can play a significant role in preventing, and sometimes even reversing, most common chronic issues.”

In his family medicine practice, Matt tries to model the value of dedication and hard work to his patients. “I hope I help them realize that they will put in the lion’s share of the work in getting better, but it’s worth it,” he says emphatically.

When he’s not doing all sorts of odd jobs or working with patients, Matt dedicates himself to another challenging yet hugely rewarding job: parenting his two young girls. “There’s so much joy in being a dad,” he says with a grin. “It’s truly genuine joy, where the good far outweighs the bad.”

From everyday tasks to family medicine and fatherhood ­– Matt’s see-it-through resolve helps him give back a little and enjoy life a lot. Hard work doesn’t sound so bad after all!

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