An Unbridled Conversation with Lindsay Conway, NP

Apr 20, 2017 | Staff Stories | 0 comments

When asked what she would be if she weren’t a nurse practitioner, horse enthusiast Lindsay Conway can hardly rein in her excitement. “Well, if I could be anything, even something completely unrealistic, I would be an Olympic horseback rider,” she says laughing. And yet, even with her palpable passion for horses, Lindsay is quick to emphasize her surpassing love for her real-life position at Associates in Family Medicine. “I’d definitely still be a nurse practitioner,” she clarifies, “but I’d probably do my horseback riding heroics on the side.”


As somebody who has loved horses from her earliest memories (she single-handedly rode her bouncy horse into an early grave during her childhood years), the fact that Lindsay puts her role as a family medicine practitioner above even her passion for horses says something special about her commitment to her job and, most importantly, to her patients.

“I love getting to know entire families through my work,” she says. “Caring for people of all ages and developing relationships with them is really rewarding.” The satisfaction of getting to ride with patients throughout their health journeys, seeing positive changes and transformations in them along the way, is exactly what Lindsay hoped for when she decided to pursue a career in medicine.

After graduating from the University of California–Davis with a communications degree, Lindsay followed her dream of working with horses to Northern Colorado, where she got a job at a horse barn. And while the experience certainly groomed her skills as a horse trainer and fed her desire to keep riding, something was missing for Lindsay.

“I worked at the barn for about a year, and I really loved it,” she shares. “But I wanted to do something truly meaningful, not just for me but for the community, something that would allow me to serve people.”

“You have to have something that captivates and revitalizes you. I always tell my patients that you have to find an exercise routine that you love to truly make it a habit and reap the greatest rewards.”

So Lindsay saddled up and set out in search of the right path for her life. As luck would have it, she didn’t have to mosey too far. “I met a woman at the horse barn where I was working, and she was a nurse,” Lindsay recalls. “She talked with me about her job, and it sounded so compelling to me that I decided to go to nursing school.”


And just like that, Lindsay found her way. From her initial decision to pursue a career in nursing to her current role as a nurse practitioner at AFM, she hasn’t looked back. She carries her energy, dedication, and personable nature into helping people be their healthiest selves—showing them ways to take the reins, so to speak, in their own well-being.

“I’m really interested in preventative medicine,” Lindsay says. “I spend a lot of time talking with people about what they can do,” she continues, “educating them on their medical options and also on what medicine can’t do so they can take control of their own health.”

As Lindsay builds her practice at AFM, working wholeheartedly to develop personal, ongoing relationships with her patients, she continues to make time for her initial passion of training and riding horses—a love that, in many ways, has led her to where she is now and has shaped her to become a better practitioner and a better person.

“I got my horse, Gigi, when she was a baby,” Lindsay shares. “So I’ve been able to raise her and train her from the beginning.” She continues, “It takes a lot of time and emotional commitment. You really have to invest.”

For Lindsay, this ongoing commitment is a good motivator to stay healthy and live fully—pursuing the things that she loves to do and encouraging her patients to do the same. “You have to have something that captivates and revitalizes you,” she urges. “I always tell my patients that you have to find an exercise routine that you love to truly make it a habit and reap the greatest rewards.”

In her own life, it’s Lindsay’s relationships with her husband, daughter, and yes, her horse that spur her on toward a fulfilling life and better well-being. Whether spending time with family, caring for patients, or climbing into the saddle, Lindsay is absolutely in it for the long run…or gallop, if you prefer.

Lindsay is accepting new patients at our South office in Fort Collins


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