In Tune with Dr. Tippin

Dec 4, 2015 | Staff Stories

When you visit with Dr. Steven Tippin, one of Associates in Family Medicine’s founding members, you can’t help but be struck by his comfortable, conversational style. It’s the kind of friendly approachability that instantly puts patients at ease. That’s what happens when you care for folks in a community you’ve called home for over 30 years.

“Northern Colorado is a special place with so much to do,” says Dr. Tippin. “I really enjoy the people, the mountains, and all the activities offered by the terrain here. I also like the unique biking and beer culture. My son-in-law is a brewer, so I’ve gained a certain appreciation for craft brewing.”

Originally from Wichita, Dr. Tippin is a proud graduate of the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!) and the University of Kansas School of Medicine. After his residency in Phoenix, he worked on a Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona until 1982 when he and his wife, Nancy, spied an ad in a magazine recruiting for a doctor in a Northern Colorado town of 70,000 people. They moved to Fort Collins shortly thereafter and have been fixtures in the Northern Colorado community ever since.

“If I had to do something other than be a doctor, yes, I’d probably be a musician. But I love family medicine.”

“It sounded like a pretty good gig at the time,” remarks Dr. Tippin, a prophetic choice of words that would turn out to be true in more ways than one. You see, beyond being a world-class family physician, husband, and father of two grown daughters, Dr. Tippin also happens to be an accomplished musician—and a darned good one at that.

“I’d played in bands in high school, but I gave it up in college and didn’t even touch the guitar again until I was in my 40s,” he comments. “I guess I became pretty proficient at it.”

Proficient? Yes. And prolific. His first band in Fort Collins was an all-doctor group called Altered Egos. Since then, he has continued to play semi-professionally in a jazz duo called In the Moment, as well as in a blues outfit called In the Mojo. “If I had to do something other than be a doctor, yes, I’d probably be a musician,” reflects Dr. Tippin. “But I love family medicine.”

That passion for helping people is evident not only in his practice but also in his commitment to international medical missions. While he has traveled to many different places providing medical care to those in need, he has a soft spot for Haiti, a country he has visited three times.

“I enjoy doing things that are meaningful in the lives of others, and I like the wide array of medical problems I am presented with as a doctor. There is a lot of variety so you need to be well-versed in a number of disciplines.”