Enjoy Your Commute!

Jun 9, 2015 | In The Community | 0 comments

Don’t let Bike to Work Day pass you on the left! Saddle up and head to work on Wednesday, June 24. Join AFM and thousands of other biking enthusiasts as we make healthy happen here in Northern Colorado. Be sure to stop by our breakfast station at 1112 Oakridge Dr., Harmony & Lemay, Fort Collins for a delicious and nutritious treat from our friends at The Egg & I.

We love Bike to Work Day. In fact, we love biking to work every day! And what’s not to like? Here in Northern Colorado, we’re blessed with great weather, outstanding trails, and a culture that embraces healthy lifestyles like nowhere else.

Biking (and not just to work, mind you) is a terrific way to stay fit while also helping to reduce the number of vehicles on the road in our community. That benefits everyone in terms of cleaner air, less traffic, and reducing our overall carbon footprint. Not to mention the money you’ll save on fuel!

This Bike to Work Day, commit to make a difference in your health and in the health of our community. Whenever you can, choose to bike instead of drive…and enjoy the ride!

Find out more at http://fcgov.com/bicycling.

Need a bike? Here are some local shops that can help you choose the right bike for you.