Dr. Bryan Reider Helps Patients Power On

Sep 12, 2017 | Staff Stories | 0 comments

Colorado-born-and-bred Dr. Bryan Reider lives, works, and plays by the Spartan motto: “Commit. Be Fit. Do Work.” His love of a good challenge, not to mention his dauntless affinity for overcoming obstacles, exists on and off the extreme race courses he tackles on a regular basis.

“I got into Spartan racing about two years ago during residency,” he says. “I really like the challenge that they impose. The experience is so much more than a typical 5k, 10k, or even marathon because the obstacles truly push you both physically and mentally.”

Having competed in races across Northern Colorado (even finishing 16th out of 4,000 in his latest race), Bryan finds his edge in a resolute willingness to push hard and go the extra mile—surging past physical pains and negative mindsets to get to where he’s going. “There are times during the race when you’re going straight up a hill, and it’s absolutely miserable for several minutes,” he admits with a laugh. “It definitely tests your will and determination, and you have to consciously choose to keep going and give it your all.”

For Bryan, the choice to commit, finish strong, and reach victory extends beyond the Spartan trail and into both his professional and personal life. Whether he’s with patients, friends, or family, Bryan doesn’t give up and never looks for the easy way out. “At the end of the day,” he says, “I think success and fulfillment all come down to how hard you’re willing to work. I choose to dedicate myself fully to whatever it is I’m doing.”

“I was drawn to the challenge of family medicine and the idea of facing something new every day. Plus, I always knew I wanted to work with people,and I felt like I could make a true difference as a family doctor.”

It’s this driven nature and can-do attitude that landed Bryan in the field of medicine and in his current role with Associates in Family Medicine. “I was drawn to the challenge of family medicine and the idea of facing something new every day,” he says decidedly. “Plus, I always knew I wanted to work with people,” he continues, “and I felt like I could make a true difference as a family doctor.”

As a Fort Collins native, Bryan was also deeply familiar with AFM and felt particularly attracted to their positive impact on the Northern Colorado community. “Ever since college,” he explains, “I was sure that AFM was where I wanted to be. Not only did I want our family to stay rooted in Colorado, but I was also after that special connection with patients that AFM creates,” he shares. “I wanted to spend time with them, meet their families, and actually get to know them over time.”

Now, having crossed his most recent finish lines of medical school, residency, and joining the AFM team, Bryan continues to run the good race in every area of life—from dedicated time with his wife and two young children to helping patients reach their health goals.

And as he finds his stride at AFM and builds a sense of camaraderie with patients, it’s the obstacles that provide the biggest opportunities. “There’s always something driving everyone to be better,” Bryan insists. “I truly enjoy connecting with patients to find out exactly what motivates them.” He smiles, “I tell my patients that if they are willing to join me in a steady race toward better health, we can experience victory together and set them up for long-term success.”

Bryan is accepting new patients at our South office in Fort Collins


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