CEO Dr. James Sprowell Knows About Healthy Growth

Dec 4, 2015 | Staff Stories | 0 comments

Whether it’s raising fresh vegetables in his backyard garden or leading the premiere physician-owned medical group in Northern Colorado, one thing’s for sure—Dr. Sprowell knows how to grow things.

Maybe it’s his Midwestern roots. After all, he did earn his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa College of Medicine and completed his graduate medical education just a few hours north in Minnesota.

An avid gardener, Dr. Sprowell is quick to extoll the virtues of organic vegetables raised at home. “The whole garden-to-table trend is really gaining traction right now. I’m a fan of backyard gardening, not just for the exercise value, but because access to fresh, healthy produce lends itself to preparing healthier meals,” says Dr. Sprowell. “And gardens don’t have to be big to produce big results. Small plots or container gardens are great options. One of the reasons I garden using elevated garden beds is because they’re small, but you can get a lot in there.”

Smaller. Local. Healthier. Sounds a lot like leading a certain physician-owned, independently held medical group we know.

“I suppose there are some parallels when you think about it. Good soil, a nurturing environment…oh, and no weeds.”

“I suppose there are some parallels when you think about it,” he muses. “Good soil, a nurturing environment…oh, and no weeds.”

His hands-on approach has certainly helped him grow in his own responsibilities over the course of his career. After serving as president and medical director of Associates in Family Medicine for 12 years, he transitioned into full-time administrative medicine in 2006. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, a post he has held for nine years.

Of course, Dr. Sprowell knows that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. He understands the value of cultivating conditions that promote growth—including building relationships through an extensive network of healthcare industry organizations. In addition to serving as the CEO of Associates in Family medicine, he also serves on the board of directors for Poudre Valley Health System, as Chair of the Primary Care Service Line for The University of Colorado Health North Region, and as a faculty advisor for Copic Insurance Company in Denver.

Dr. Sprowell and his wife of 37 years enjoy many of the outdoor activities Northern Colorado has to offer, including hiking, cycling, tennis, and golf. And his three adult children? “Well-raised and fully grown,” he says wryly.